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To Perspective clients of Steve Poirier-

If you’re reading this, then you are asking yourself the same question I was in March of 2010. Is this the best realtor I could hire? Hundreds of thousands of dollars are riding on this one decision. It’s an un-nerving concern that someone else you might have picked could have maybe earned you substantially more money on the sale of your home. So my husband and I interviewed 5 realtors. (I don’t recommend this, it was exhausting and extremely repetitive.) Steve was the 2nd interview we had. It made getting through the last 3 almost painful. We both felt he was the strongest candidate by far. I called all of his references asking a list of questions looking to see if he was just a good salesman or really walked his talk. I emailed Steve after the 4th reference and said I was sure he’d paid them all to say what they had. One after another said they were 110% grateful and pleased with his abilities from start to finish. I had lost my mom to a short, awful battle from a rare form of cancer, and this was the home I was raised in since the age of 4. At age 42, this home meant everything to me and to her grandkids. It was very emotional to let it go. My mom was a famous designer and had designed every room of this amazing house. I wasn’t going to give the privilege of selling it to just anyone. He was such a comfort and pleasure to work with. In the end he was able to bring in 3 offers creating a bidding war of $25, 000 over our already high asking price. His advice and swift action were so impressive. Even the title company said they love working with him because he doesn’t forget to dot an i. 

It was an honor to my mother's memory, and my husband and I thank you Steve from the bottom of our hearts for a job very well done.

Jeff and Tami Muser